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Promissory Note - Viseon Inc. and Juads Inc.

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                                 PROMISSORY NOTE

$200,000                        LAS VEGAS, NEVADA            June 30, 2002

         FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned, Viseon, Inc. f/k/a RSI Systems,
Inc. a Nevada corporation (the "Company"), with its registered office in the
state of Nevada located at 2620 South Maryland Parkway, Suite 309, Las Vegas,
Nevada 89109 hereby promises to pay to the order of JUDAS, INC. or permitted
assigns (the "Payee"), at 13521 Red Fern Lane, Dallas Texas 75240, or at any
such other place as any Holder of this Note may designate in writing, the
principal amount of TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($200,000) (the "Principal
Amount") with interest from the date hereof on the Principal Amount from time to
time remaining unpaid at the rate of twelve percent (12%) per annum. Interest on
this Note shall be calculated based upon a year of 365 or 366 days as
applicable. All payments of principal and interest shall be made in lawful money
of the United States of America.

         This Note is due and payable as follows: Interest Only shall be due and
payable quarterly in arrears. The first such payment of interest only is due and
payable on the 1st day of October 2002, in the amount of FIVE THOUSAND NINE
HUNDRED SEVENTEEN DOLLARS AND EIGHTY CENTS ($5,917.80), with a like payment of
interest only being due and payable on the 1st day of each of the months of
January 2003, April 2003, July 2003 and October 2003. On December 31, 2003, all
Principal and all accrued but unpaid interest shall be due and payable in full.
All payments hereunder shall be applied first to the payment of interest and
then to the outstanding Principal Amount.

         Notwithstanding  Any Other  Provisions  Of This Note, In No Event Shall
The Amount Of  Interest  Payable Hereon Exceed The Maximum Amount Of Interest
Permitted To Be Charged Or Payable Hereon By Applicable Law.

         Payments. All payments hereunder shall be made on or before the due
date and shall be delivered to Payee at the address indicated hereinabove, or at
any such other address as any payee may designate in writing.

         Waivers. The Company and any other person who signs, makes, guarantees
or endorses this Note, to the extent allowed by law, hereby waives presentment,
demand for payment, protest, notice of dishonor, notice of acceleration of the
maturity of this Note, diligence in collecting, grace, notice and protest and
agrees to one or more extensions for any period or periods of time and partial
payments before or after maturity without prejudice to the Holder. Upon any
change in the terms of this Note, and unless otherwise expressly stated in
writing, no party who signs this Note, whether as the Company, a guarantor,
accommodation party for the Company or endorser, shall be released from
liability. All such parties agree that Payee may renew, extend (repeatedly and
for any length of time) or modify this loan, or release any party or guarantor
or collateral; or impair, fail to realize upon or perfect Payee's security
interest in any of the collateral without the consent of or notice to anyone.

         Event of Default. In case an Event of Default (as defined below) shall
occur, the Principal Amount due and payable as of or prior to the date of the
occurrence of such Event of Default but not yet paid shall become (along with
all accrued but unpaid interest) immediately due and payable. For purposes of
this Note an Event of Default shall have occurred if:

                  (i) The Company shall fail to make any payment pursuant hereto
         when due and such failure shall continue for a period of five (5)
         calendar days following the due date;

                  (ii) The Company shall fail to perform any non-monetary
         obligation pursuant under this Note promptly, at the time, and strictly
         in the manner provided in this Note, and such failure shall continue
         for a period of five (5) calendar days after notice;

                  (iii) The Company shall (a) execute an assignment for the
         benefit of creditors, (b) admit in writing its inability to pay its
         debts generally as they become due, (c) voluntarily seek the benefits
         of any Debtor Relief Law which could suspend or otherwise effect
         Payee's rights hereunder, or (d) take any corporate action to authorize
         any of the forgoing;

                  (iv) A case or proceeding shall have been commenced
         involuntarily against the Company in a court having competent
         jurisdiction seeking a decree or order (a) under the Bankruptcy Code or
         any other applicable federal, state, or foreign bankruptcy or other
         similar law; (b) for the appointment of a custodian, receiver,
         liquidator, assignee, trustee, or sequestrator (or similar official) of
         the Company or a substantial part of its assets or (c) the
         reorganization or winding up or liquidation of the affairs of the
         Company, and such case or proceeding shall remain undismissed or
         unstayed for 60 days or more or a decree or order granting the relief
         sought in such case or proceeding shall be entered by a court of
         competent jurisdiction over such case or proceeding.

         Acceleration. If default is made in the payment of any installment of
interest due under this Note, the entire principal balance owing hereon shall at
once become due and payable, at the option of the Payee(s) without written
notice of acceleration to the Company. Failure to exercise this option shall not
constitute a waiver of the right to exercise the same in the event of any
subsequent default. Payee may declare immediately due the entire indebtedness,
including the unpaid principal balance on this Note, all accrued unpaid interest
and all other amounts, costs and expenses for which the Company is responsible
under this Note or pertaining to the indebtedness represented hereby.

         Special Provisions.

                  A. Conversion Shares: Any amount due any Holder hereunder,
                  including each installment of interest and the balance due at
                  maturity (or upon Acceleration), may be converted, at the
                  option of Holder, to common stock of the Company at the
                  conversion price of Fifty Five Cents ($.55) per share (the
                  "Conversion Shares"). The number of shares such Holder shall
                  be entitled to receive upon conversion shall be calculated by
                  dividing the amount of the then current payment due, for which
                  the Company has received a Conversion Notice, by fifty five
                  percent (.55). In the event any Holder desires to convert any
                  installment of interest or the balance due at maturity, such
                  Holder must give written notice to the Company of its
                  intention to convert no more than one hundred twenty days nor
                  less than ninety days prior to the due date of any such
                  payment (the "Conversion Notice"). In the event a conversion
                  notice is timely received by the Company, the Company shall
                  take all necessary action to cause its transfer agent to issue
                  the applicable amount of common stock in the name of such
                  Holder and deliver the same to the Holder as soon as
                  practicable following the due date of the converted payment.

                  B. Warrants: In partial consideration of this Note the Company
                  hereby agrees to issue to the Payee warrants to purchase Three
                  Hundred Sixty Three Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Six (363,636)
                  shares of common stock of the Company at the exercise price of
                  Fifty-Five Cents ($.55) per share. (the "Warrants"). The
                  Warrants shall expire not less than five years from the date
                  of issuance, be exercisable on not less than ninety days
                  notice to the Company and be otherwise exercisable and include
                  terms and provisions similar to other warrants issued by the
                  Company in similar private placement investments.

         Attorneys' Fees. If this Note is placed in the hands of an attorney for
collection after default, or if all or any part of the indebtedness represented
hereby is proved, established or collected in any court or in any bankruptcy
receivership, debtor relief, probate or other court proceedings, the Company
agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees and collection costs to the Payee(s)
hereof in addition to the principal and interest payable hereunder. The Company
also will pay Payee all other amounts actually incurred by Payee as court costs,
lawful fees for filing, recording, or releasing to any public office any
instrument securing this loan; the reasonable cost actually expended for
repossessing, storing, preparing for sale, and selling any security; and fees
for noting a lien on or transferring a certificate of title to any titled
collateral offered as security for this loan.

         Severability. If any part of this Note cannot be enforced, this fact
will not affect the rest of the Note.

         Usury. All agreements between the undersigned and the holder hereof,
whether now existing or hereafter arising and whether written or oral are hereby
limited so that in no contingency, whether by reason of demand for payment or
acceleration of the maturity hereof or otherwise, shall the interest contracted
for, charged or received by the holder hereof exceed the maximum amount
permissible under applicable law. In particular, this section means (among other
things) that the Company does not agree or intend to pay, and Payee does not
agree or intend to contract for, charge, collect, take, reserve or receive
(collectively referred to herein as "Charge or Collect"), any amount in the
nature of interest or in the nature of a fee for this loan, which would in any
way or event (including demand, prepayment, or acceleration) cause Payee to
charge or collect more for this loan that the maximum Payee would be permitted
to charge or collect by Federal law or the laws of the State of Nevada (as
applicable). Any such excess interest or unauthorized fee shall, instead of
anything stated to the contrary, be applied first to reduce the principal
balance of this loan, and when the principal has been paid in full, be refunded
to the Company. The right to accelerate maturity of sums due under this Note
does not include the right to accelerate any interest that has not otherwise
accrued on the date of such acceleration, and Payee does not intend to charge or
collect any unearned interest in the event of acceleration. All sums paid or
agreed to be paid to Payee for the use, forbearance or detention of sums due
hereunder shall, to the extent permitted by applicable law, be amortized,
prorated, allocated and spread throughout the full term of the loan evidenced by
this Note until payment in full so that the rate or amount of interest charged
to the account of the loan evidenced hereby does not exceed the applicable usury
ceiling. Payee may delay or forgo enforcing any of its rights or remedies under
this Note without losing them. If for any circumstances whatsoever, interest
would otherwise be payable to the holder hereof in excess of the maximum lawful
amount the interest payable to the holder hereof shall be reduced to the amount
permitted under applicable law; and if for any circumstances, the holder hereof
shall ever receive anything of value deemed interest by applicable law in excess
of the maximum lawful amount, an amount equal to any excessive interest shall be
applied to the reduction of the principal hereof and such excess shall be
refunded to the Company. This Section shall control all agreements between the
Company and the holder hereof.

         Collateral. The indebtedness evidenced by this Promissory Note shall be

         Captions. The headings are included herein for ease of reference only
and shall not be considered in the construction or interpretation of the terms
and provisions of this date.

         Assignment. The indebtedness evidenced by this Promissory Note shall be
binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto, their successors
and assigns.

         IN WITNESS WHEREOF, VISEON, INC. has caused this Note to be dated June
30, 2002, and to be executed on its behalf, by its officer thereunto duly


Its:     President