Sample Business Contracts

Severance Agreement - MedStrong International Corp. and Howard Cohn

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Message From: Jerry R. Farrar
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 11:00 AM
To: Howard Cohn
Subject: Layoff November 30, 2003 and Mutual Agreement

Between what we had hoped  earlier this year,  even though we mutually  assessed
the  risks  back in June and July  2003,  and where we are  today,  it's a great
distance from where we had hoped to be. What it is, it is and so we need to move

1.         Effective,  November 30, 2003, we must lay you off. This situation is
           personally disappointing to me.

2.         The  employment  agreement  of June 18, 2003 is  rescinded  by mutual
           agreement subject to the following terms and conditions:

          a.  Medstrong agrees to the issuance of 350,000  non-qualified  shares
              of  MSRG  common  stock  at a  price  of  $0.01  per  share  to be
              immediately vested.

          b.  Medstrong  International  Corporation  acknowledges that salary is
              owed to Howard Cohn in the amount of $26,169.00, is accrued on the
              books and records of Medstrong  International  Corporation  and is
              payable as a priority liability.

          c.  Medstrong will pay for  continuation of health  insurance  through
              Cobra for a period of three months.

          d.  Medstrong will deliver a check for $1000.00 as discussed.

          e.  Howard Cohn agrees to waive stock  grants per  paragraph 5b of the
              employment agreement dated June 18, 2003,

          f.  Howard Cohn agrees to waive the severance  clause per paragraph 10
              of the employment agreement dated June 18, 2003.

          g.  Medstrong International  Corporation acknowledges that this Layoff
              and  Mutual  Agreement  has been duly  authorized  by the Board of
              Directors and the Board has agreed to all the terms and conditions
              stated above.

3.         Medstrong  International  Corporation  and Howard  Cohn agree that he
will assist in the  preparation of required SEC filings and accounting  closings
on an as needed basis as an outside consultant. Compensation for these duties to
be determined.

Howard,  my appreciation for your fine work. As stated,  the office continues to
be yours and any  services we can provide  you during this  period.  I will also
need your  assistance on various  issues from time to time, and hope you will be
able to fit us in when the situations  arise.  The objective is to  rehabilitate
the company and grow shareholder interest where we all benefit.