Sample Business Contracts

Royalty Agreement - MedStrong International Corp. and Christine Durbak

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                                Royalty Agreement

In consideration of the sum of fifty thousand  dollars  ($50,000)  received from
Dr. Christine Durbak,  MedStrong  International  Corporation does hereby assign,
effective  September  1, 2003,  for  business  remitted in  September  and going
forward,  the future receipts of all monies received from the following clients:
Road America; MD Data Network; National Protection Services; Membercare Services
up to the maximum sum of  $100,000.  Said  receipts  will be paid  monthly,  but
within five (5) business days of being received by MedStrong, until the full sum
of the  Royalty  Payment  of  $100,000  is paid in full.  If the full  amount of
$100,000  is not paid within  twenty-four  (24)  months,  the  remaining  unpaid
balance will be due in full. With the monthly payment, Dr. Durbak will receive a
full accounting detail of each client.

Late payment  penalty.  Should the  corporation  be late beyond the five (5) day
period, a late payment penalty of one thousand dollars ($1,000) will be imposed.

Dr.  Christine  Durbak is an investor only and MedStrong holds her harmless from
any action of any kind that may result from this transaction.

MedStrong International Corporation

By:        Jerry R. Farrar, CEO

Dated:     August 25, 2003


By          /s/ Christine Durbak

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