Sample Business Contracts

Letter of Intent - MedStrong International Corp. and JVF International Solutions Inc.

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                         500 SILVER SPUR ROAD, SUITE 303
                          RANCHO PALOS VERDES, CA 90274

                                                     September 18, 2002

Mr. Julio Vazquez
JVF International Solutions, Inc.
250 Tetuan Street
Old San Juan
San Juan, Puerto Rico  00902

            Re: Letter of Intent - JVF International Solutions, Inc.

Dear Julio:

      This  letter  serves  as a formal  agreement  and  letter of intent to and
between MedStrong International  Corporation,  hereinafter  "MedStrong," and JVF
International Solutions,  Inc., hereinafter "JVF." The purpose of this letter of
intent is to  summarize  the  agreements  between  the Parties and will have the
effects  of a formal  agreement  and will work as a  permanent  agreement  until
superseded by another written agreement to that effect.

      The  contents  of  this  letter  of  intent  is the  product  of  previous
discussions among the Parties.

      OBJECTIVE:  To grant to JVF exclusive rights to fully develop,  market and
sell  MedStrong's  Patient Data Quickly (PDQ) Medical Record Online  programs in
the described main territory and nonexclusive on the additional territory.

      MAIN TERRITORY:  Puerto Rico,  U.S. Virgin Island,  British Virgin Island,
the Caribbean and Venezuela subject to price condition.

      ADDITIONAL TERRITORY: Central America, South America and other territories
not included in the Main Territory.

      EXPRESS  EXCLUSION:  The parties agree the transactions with MAPFRE or its
subsidiaries are excluded from this agreement.

      PRICE:  Purchase price of the  exclusivity  agreement is $250,000.00  plus
$50,000.00 for exclusive  rights for Venezuela,  which price includes  1,000,000

shares  of  common  stock  of  MedStrong  International  Corporation,   payable:
$100,000.00  thirty (30) days after the execution of this Letter of Intent,  and
$150,000.00 ninety (90) days thereafter or $200,000.00 with Venezuela territory.

      SUPPORT:  At the  request of JVF,  MedStrong  will  supply  technical  and
marketing  support,  including  but not limited to: the  System/Web  platform to
Spanish, as well as sales materials,  Company/Product information brochures, POP
materials,  etc.  in  Spanish  and will  provide  all  training  that JVF  deems
necessary  and all other  support  necessary to build the  business.  Limited to
$15,000.00 total.

      COMPENSATION: JVF will be compensated pursuant to the following:

           A. $3,000.00  payable ten (10) days after the execution of
           the Letter of Intent,  and  $1,000.00  monthly for the next
           nine  (9)  consecutive   months.   As  an  advance  against
           commission  reaches  or  achieves  $1,000  per  month,  the
           advance stops.

           B. For direct retail in the main territories MedStrong will

           20%  commissions  and  renewals  will  be a part  of item C

           C. JVF will  execute  all  renewals  and pay a $5.00 fee to

           D. Special sales deals involving large volume accounts. PDQ
           may be sold to the  representative at a net price, based on
           volume. JVF will purchase PDQ basic at a front end net cost
           of $2.50 per unit.

      PRODUCTION QUOTAS: JVF shall achieve a production quota of $250,000.00 per
year commencing the second full year from the inception of the agreement.

      REMITTANCE AND CURRENCY:  PDQ product sales revenue payment and funds flow
will be due at the time when the sale is registered in the website.

      REPORTING: JVF and MedStrong shall report to each other on a monthly basis
all territory  sales.  MedStrong  shall provide the renewal  expiration  reports
ninety (90) days in advance of due date.

      NEWS  RELEASE:  Both parties  agree to the mutual issue of a Press Release
announcing the relationship.


           A. By  notice  given by any  party  with  sixty  (60)  days

           B. Immediately for cause.

           C. By noncompliance with production quotas.

      Any such  termination  will have  effect  when all  amounts due to JVF are

      APPLICABLE  STATUTES:  The  agreement  will be governed by the laws of the
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

      IN WITNESS  WHEREOF,  this being the  agreement  between the  parties,  we
hereby  execute this Letter of Intent this 19th day of September,  2002, at Fort
Lauderdale, Florida.

                                        MEDSTRONG INTERNATIONAL CORP.

                                        By:/s/ Jerry Farrar
                                        Jerry Farrar, President/CEO

                                        JVF INTERNATIONAL SOLUTIONS, INC.

                                        By:/s/ Julio Vazquez
                                        Julio Vazquez, President