Sample Business Contracts

Collaboration Agreement - WebMD Inc. and DuPont

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                                               1007 Market Street
                                               Wilmington, DE 19898
                                               Executive Vice President - DuPont
                                               Chairman - DuPont Europe

                                 March 30, 1999

Mr. Jeff Arnold
WebMD, Inc.
400 The Lenox Building
3399 Peachtree Road NE,
Atlanta, Georgia 30326

Dear Jeff,

                              INVESTMENT AGREEMENT

     Further to the above agreements which we have executed on the date of this
letter, we set out below our further agreement on two issues not expressly dealt
with in the above documents.

     WebMD will provide appropriate DuPont personnel with access to information
relating to WebMD's business, including but not limited to the following:
documents of incorporation and related corporate records; litigation to which
WebMD is a party; copies of all relevant agreements between WebMD and third
parties, to the extent that WebMD is permitted to disclose them by the terms
thereof; and, WebMD's S1 filing, amendments thereto and the comments of the SEC.

     Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 8.1 of the Collaboration
Agreement, DuPont confirms that WebMD may disclose the Collaboration Agreement,
or details of the terms thereof, to third parties during the course of due
diligence or negotiation of a relationship related to WebMD's internet service,
provided that any copies of the Collaboration Agreement, or details of the terms
thereof, so disclosed are redacted or edited in order to prevent disclosure of
DuPont as a party thereto. After the signature of a letter of intent or similar
document with any such third party, WebMD may disclose un-redacted or unedited
copies of the Collaboration Agreement, or details of the terms thereof, provided
that any such third party is bound by obligations of confidentiality to WebMD.

     Kindly indicate your acceptance of the above by countersigning the enclosed
copy of this letter.


                                                   Kurt M. Landgraf
                                               Executive Vice President


Jeff Arnold
CEO WebMD, Inc.