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                              MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT

THIS AGREEMENT is dated for reference the 15th day of March, 2000.


     E-BIDD.COM,  INC., a company incorporated pursuant to the laws of the State
     of Minnesota and having it registered and records  offices at #800-555 West
     Georgia Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6B IN5

     (the "Company")

                                                               OF THE FIRST PART


     Meir Kahtan, of 215 Warren St. Brooklyn, NY 11201

     (the "Manager")

                                                              OF THE SECOND PART


A.   The Company is listed on NQB and is a fully  reporting  Company engaged in,
     inter alia, the Business of interact related activities;

B.   The Company has agreed to employ the Manager as  administrator  and manager
     of the affairs of the Company on the terms and conditions  hereinafter  set

C.   The Manager  has agreed to be  employed  by the Company  upon the terms and
     conditions hereinafter set forth..

NOW THEREFORE THIS AGREEMENT  WITNESSETH that in  consideration  of the premises
and mutual covenants and agreement herein contained, the parties hereto covenant
and agree each with the other as follows:


1.01 The Manager will  faithfully,  honestly and diligently serve the Company in
the capacity of administrator  and manager in consideration of which the Company
will pay to the Manager the



sum of $ 5,000  monthly,  or such greater sum as may be approved by the Board of
Directors; of the Company and by regulatory authorities.


     The company understands that the Manager has amassed a considerable account
base  of  existing  business   "Existing   Business"   serviced  through  Miller
Advertising  or  Meir  Kabtan/Meir  Kahtan  Public  Relations.  It is  expressly
understood  by the Company  that the  Manager's  Existing  Business  remains the
possession of Miller Advertising and/or Meir Kabtan/Meir Kahtan Public Relations
and the  manager  is at  liberty  to  service it in the way he deems in the best
interests of the Existing Business.


     The  company  understands  the  importance  to the  Manager  that  Existing
Business  doesn't  deem this Manager  appointment  as  adversely  affecting  the
Manager's  ability to service their business.  The company  therefore  agrees to
allow the Manager  veto rights  regarding  the precise  wording of all  releases
relating to the Manager in order to accommodate this concern.


2.01 It is  acknowledged  and agreed by the Manager that the work of the Manager
is and will be of such a nature that regular hours may be impossible,  and there
may be  occasions in which the Manager will not be required to work a full eight
hours per day  and/or a full five days per week.  It. is also  anticipated  that
there will be certain  evenings,  weekends and holidays during which the Manager
will be  required to work,  with the  exception  of the Jewish  Sabbath and Holy
Days. The Work of the Manager is of a supervisory  nature,  and  accordingly the
Manager  agrees  that the  consideration  herein  set forth  will be in full and
complete  satisfaction for the Manager's work and services no matter how or when
performed,  and the Manager  hereby  releases  the  Company  from any claims for
overtime pay or compensation  whatsoever  which the Manager might have by reason
of any existing or future legislation or otherwise.

2.02     During the term of this Agreement the Manager shall:

     1.  Spearhead  opportunities  that exist for the Company and its website to
receive news coverage in print, electronic and web news outlets.

     2. Pursue new contracts and leads that  originate  from the E-BIDD  website
for the Company, to provide advertising content, joint venture business proposal
and in house  advertising all for revenue  generating  [internet media] business
and overseeing the servicing of the business directly through E- BIDD or through
Meir Kahtan Public Relations or Miller Advertising.

     3. Provide ongoing opinion to the Company website, including the pursuit of
website  content  and the  layout to  facilitate  the needs of new and  existing
advertising clients.




     4. Work with the Company to provide  content on the  business,  creative or
stock  activities of the Company to existing and new media  contacts in addition
to  providing  expert  resources  that  would be tapped by such media for use in
their coverage of news stories that have overlapping content.

     5. Pursue existing media contacts and creating new media contacts likely to
tap The  Company  in a range of  story  subjects  that  parallel  the  Company's
knowledge of subject [Internet Media] and related subject areas.

     6. Bring,  create,  redefine  subjects that are in the  Company's  range of
expertise  and  that  are  also  potentially  newsworthy,  to the  attention  of
reporters,  in order to offer  the  Company  principals  as  experts  who can be
sourced in stories thereupon.

     7. Consult with the Company on joint ventures;  technology applications and
activities  that  potentially  constitute  relevant  news,  in order to have the
Company face recognition technology reported on.

     8.  Provide  reporting  on  new  business   applications,   joint  ventures
proposals,  contracts and public relations  activities  pursued on behalf of the

     9. Provide strategy support for press  conferences and trade shows in which
the Company takes part.

2.03 The Manager will, during the term of this Agreement,  obtain the consent of
the Board of  Directors  of the  Company  before  becoming a director  or senior
officer of any  company  other than the  Company or Miller  Advertising  or Meir
Kahtan Public Relations, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.

2.04 In conducting the Manager's  duties under this Agreement,  the Manager will
report to the Company's Board of Directors and will act consistently  with their
directives and policies.


3.01 The effective date of this Agreement is March 8, 2000 and the employment of
the  Manager  hereunder  will,  from such date,  continue  until  terminated  in
accordance with the terms of this Agreement.


4.01 The Manager will be reimbursed  for all reasonable  out-of-pocket  expenses



by the Manager in or about the execution of the Manager's employment ,including,
without  limiting the generality of the foregoing,  all.  travel and promotional
expenses  payable or incurred by the Manager in connection with his duties under
this Agreement.  All payments or  reimbursements  will be made  immediately upon
submission  by the  Manager of  vouchers,  bills or receipts  for all  expenses;
provided, however, that all such expenses in excess of $2,500.00 are approved by
the Company in writing prior to the Manager incurring same,


5.01 In the event that the  Manager  will at any time during ttle term hereof by
reason of illness or mental or physical disability or incapacity be prevented or
incapable from performing the Manager's duties hereunder,  then the Manager will
be  entitled  to receive  the  remuneration  provided  for herein for the period
during which such  incapacity will continue but not exceeding two (2) successive
months and, if such  incapacity  will  continue  for a longer  period,  then the
employment of the Manager  hereunder will, at the option of the directors of the
Company,  forthwith  terminate,  and the  Manager  will not be  entitled  to any
compensation from the Company in respect of such termination.


6.01 If during the term of this Agreement the Company discontinues or interrupts
the operations of its business for a period of ninety (90) days,  this Agreement
will  automatically  terminate  without  liability  on the part of either of the
parties hereto.


7.01 Notwithstanding any other 'provision herein, it is understood and agreed by
and  between the  parties  hereto  that the  Manager  may resign his  employment
hereunder by giving sixty (60) days written  notice of such intention to resign,
and the Company may  terminate  this  Agreement in its entirely  with or without
cause and for any reason  whatsoever by the payment to the Manager of two months
salary as  termination  allowance,  and the Manager  does hereby agree that such
termination  allowance will be payment in full for any discharge by the Company;
provided  that  the  Company  will  not be  liable  to pay any  further  monies,
notwithstanding  that such  termination of employment may be without cause;  and
the  expression  "such further  monies" will include,  without  restriction  the
generality  of  the  foregoing  holidays,   holiday  pay,  Canada  Pension  Plan
contributions and any, and all other monies arising out of the employment by the


8.01 The  Manager  will be  entitled  to  annual  holiday  (consecutive  or
otherwise  as the Manager sees fit) which will be taken at a time or times,
to be arranged in advance with the company so it does not unduly affect the
operations of the Company




9.01 Any  controversy  or claim arising out of or relating to this  Agreement or
any  breach  of this  Agreement  will  be  finally  settled  by  arbitration  in
accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota.


10.01 This  Agreement  and all other  rights,  benefits  and  privileges  herein
confirmed will be personal, and accordingly may not be assigned by the Manager.


11.01 The  address for service  for any  notice,  consent,  acceptance  or other
document required or permitted  hereunder shall be forwarded to the either party
to the  address set forth on the first page of this  Agreement  or to such other
address  as either  of the  parties  hereto  will from time to time by notice in
writing give to the other party.  Any notice  mailed by first class prepaid mail
will be deemed to have been  received  three (3) days after the date of mailing;
provided,  however,  that if there should be a postal strike, slow down or other
labour  dispute  which may affect the  delivery of such notice  through the mail
between  the time of  mailing  and the actual  receipt  of the notice  then such
notice will be effective only if actually delivered.


12.01 This  Agreement  represents the entire  agreement  between the parties and
supersedes all prior  agreements  and  undentandings,  whether  written or oral,
between the parties.  The Manager  acknowledges that he was not induced to enter
into this Agreement by any representation  warranty,  promise or other statement
except as contained herein.


13.01  This  Agreement  may not be amended or  otherwise  modified  except by an
instrument in writing by both parties.

13.02 This Agreement  becomes  effective  upon both parties'  signature and upon
completion of stock purchase  outlined in a separate  stock  purchase  agreement
with same parties.

13.03  This  Agreement  does  not  preclude  the  Manager  from  conducting  and
participating  in the business  activities  of Meir Kahtan  Public  Relations or
Miller Advertising.




14.01 This  Agreement  will be  construed  under and governed by the laws of the
State of Minnesota.


15.01 This Agreement is subject to the approval of the board of directors of the
Company and  acceptance by all regulatory  authorities as may have  jurisdiction
over the affairs of the Company.


16.01 Disclosure information.  During the Term and thereafter, the Manager shall
not,  at  any  time,  directly  or  indirectly,  disclose  any  confidential  or
proprietary  information  for any reason or purpose  whatsoever  to any  person,
firm, corporation, association or other entity, except in the ordinary course of
business  of the  Company or any  subsidiary  thereof or to legal and  financial
advisors  who  agree  in  writing  to  maintain  the   confidentiality  of  such
confidential or proprietary  information on terms substantially similar to those
stated here, nor shall the Manager  directly or indirectly  make use of any such
confidential  or proprietary  information for his own purpose or for the benefit
of any person, firm, corporation, association or other entity except the Company
or any subsidiary thereof,  and the Manager hereby acknowledges that the Company
and its  subsidiaries  would be  irreparably  damaged  if such  confidential  or
proprietary  information  were  disclosed  to or utilized on behalf of others in
competition  in any respect with the Company or any  subsidiary  thereof for the
purposes of this Section 16, the term "confidential or proprietary  information"
shall mean all information concerning the business,  customers or affairs of the
Company or any  subsidiary  thereof,  including  matters such as trade  secrets,
research  and  development  activities,   books  and  records,  customer  lists,
suppliers,   distribution  channels,  pricing  information,  private  processes,
software, functional specifications,  blueprints,  know-how, data, improvements,
discoveries,  designs,  inventions,  techniques,  marketing  plans,  strategies,
forecasts,  new products and financial statements as they may exist from time to
time,  which  the  Manager  may have  acquired  or  obtained  by  virtue  of his
relationship with the Company or any subsidiary or affiliate thereof, except for
such information which (i) becomes generally available to the public, other than
as the result of a disclosure  made directly or indirectly by the Manager,  (ii)
was  known to the  person,  firm,  corporation  or other  entity  to which  such
information  was  disclosed by the Manager prior to its  disclosure  directly or
indirectly by the Manager,  (iii) was previously  available to the person, firm,
corporation or other entity to which such information was disclosed  directly or
indirectly  by the Manager on a  non-confidential  basis from a source which was
entitled to disclose the same or (iv) if required by law,  governmental order or
decree to be disclosed by the Manager.



16.02 Restrictive  Covenant.  During the term of his employment and for one year
thereafter,  the  Manager  shall  not (i)  directly  or  indirectly  engage  in,
represent  in any way, or be  connected  with,  any  business or activity  (such
business or activity being  hereinafter  called a "Competing  Business"),  which
owns,  manages,  operates  or  franchises  a  business  developing,  or  selling
advertising,  media services,  media and public  relations and media exposure on
the Internet,  whether such engagement shall be as an officer,  director, owner,
employee,  partner,  affiliate or other  participant in any Competing  Business,
(ii) assist others in engaging in any Competing Business in the manner described
in the foregoing  clause (i), or (iii) induce other  employees of the Company to
terminate their  employment with the Company for the purposes of engaging in any
Competing  Business;  provided,  however,  that the Manager may own  directly or
indirectly, solely as a passive investment,  securities of any person engaged in
a Competing  Business,  if such securities are listed on any national securities
exchange and the Manager is not a controlling  person of, or a member of a group
which controls, such person and does not, directly or indirectly, own 5% or more
of any class of securities of such person.

16.03 Injunctive  Relief.  The Manager  acknowledges that the provisions of this
Section 16 are  reasonable  and necessary for the  protection of the Company and
that  the  Company  will  be  irrevocably  damaged  if  such  covenants  are not
specifically enforced.  Accordingly, the Manager agrees that, in addition to any
other  relief  to which the  Company  may be  entitled  in the form of actual or
punitive  damages,  the Company shall be entitled to seek and obtain  injunctive
relief from a court of competent  jurisdiction  for the purposes of  restraining
the Manager from any actual or threatened breach of such covenants.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the day
and year first above written.

The Corporate Seal of E-BIDD.COM, INC.            )
was hereunto affixed in the presence of.          )
                                                  )       c/s
   /s/                                            )
---------------------------------------           )
Authorized Signatory                              )

Signed, sealed and delivered by                   )
Meir Kahtan  in the presence of:                  )
   /s/ Meir Kahtan                                )
---------------------------------------           )
Signature                                         )
         Meir Kahtan                              )
---------------------------------------           )
Name (Print)                                      )        /s/ Meir Kahtan
215 Nowen St, Brooklyn NY 11201                            Meir Kahtan



---------------------                             )
Occupation                                        )