Sample Business Contracts

Consulting Agreement - Biogen Inc. and Alexander G. Bearn

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                                                     March 24, 1998

Alexander G. Bearn, M.D.
Executive Director
American Philosophical Society
104 South 5th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106-3387


Dear Alick:

         Your Consultancy Agreement with Biogen, Inc., dated April 1, 1991 (the
"Agreement"), under which you serve as a member of the Scientific Board of the
Company, expires on April 1, 1998. Biogen greatly values your input on the Board
and would like to renew the Agreement for an additional three-year period
commencing as of April 1, 1998 and ending on April 1, 2001. The terms and
conditions of the Agreement will continue to apply during the renewal term
except that compensation for your services under the Agreement during the
renewal term will be as follows:

          1. You will receive (i) a $20,000 per year retainer, (ii) $2,000 per
             day for attendance at Scientific Board meetings, plus reasonable
             travel and lodging expenses and (iii) $500 per day for time spent
             in Biogen's laboratories.

          2. Subject to approval by the Stock and Option Plan Administration
             Committee, on your renewal date, you will be granted an option to
             purchase 30,000 shares of Biogen Common Stock. The option will vest
             over three years (33-1/3% per year) and will be exercisable at a
             price equal to the average of the high and low sales prices on your
             renewal date.

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         If you agree to renewal of the Agreement on the above terms, please
sign both copies of this letter and return one copy to the attention of Anne
Marie Cook, Associate General Counsel, Biogen, Inc., 14 Cambridge Center,
Cambridge, MA 02142.

                                                   BIOGEN, INC.

                                               James R. Tobin
                                               President and Chief
                                               Executive Officer

                                               Phillip A. Sharp
                                               Chairman of Scientific Board

                                            AGREED TO AND ACCEPTED:

                                            Alexander G. Bearn, M.D.