Sample Business Contracts

Independent Consulting and Project Agreement - Biogen Inc. and Kenneth Murray

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                              September 23, 1995

Sir Kenneth Murray
4 Mortonhall Road
Edinburgh EH9 2HW
Scotland, United Kingdom

Re: Renewal of Independent Consulting and Project Agreement

Dear Ken:

     Your Independent Consulting and Project Agreement with Biogen,
Inc.,  dated June 29, 1979, as previously amended (the "Agreement"),
under which you serve as a member of the Scientific Board of the
Company expires on September 30, 1995.  Biogen greatly values your
input on the Scientific Board, and would like to renew the Agreement
for an additional  three-year period commencing as of September 30,
1995 and ending on September 30, 1998, on the same terms and
conditions.  In connection with renewal of the Agreement, the Company
will grant you a stock option for the purchase of 15,000 shares of the
Company's Common Stock under the 1987 Scientific Board Stock Option

       If you agree to renewal of the Agreement on these terms, please
sign both copies of this renewal letter and return one copy to the
attention of Anne Marie Cook at Biogen.

     I look forward to your continued participation on the Scientific

                                   Very truly yours,   


                              /s/  Phillip A. Sharp, Ph.D.
                                   Chairman of Scientific Board

                              AGREED TO AND ACCEPTED:

                              /s/ Sir Kenneth Murray, Ph.D.