Sample Business Contracts

Promissory Note - Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. and Robert P. Stiller

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                                PROMISSORY NOTE

     $230,000                                           April 12, 2000
     --------                                           --------------

     The undersigned,  Robert P.  Stiller ("Payor"), promises  to pay  to  Green
     Mountain  Coffee  Roasters,  Inc.  ("Payee") or order, the principal sum of
     Two Hundred and Thirty Thousand dollars  ($230,000) with  interest accruing
     on the  unpaid principal balance at a  rate equal to the highest prime rate
     as reported by THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. The interest rate shall be adjusted
     as of the day following any  change in the prime rate  reported by THE WALL
     STREET JOURNAL.  Interest  shall be  payable upon  repayment  of this note.
     The entire principal balance and accrued interest  shall be due and payable
     on April 12, 2001.

     Such payment  shall be made at  Payee's  principal place of  business at 33
     Coffee Lane, Waterbury, Vermont 05676 or at  such other place as the holder
     hereof  may designate  in writing,  such payments  and  any  other sum  due
     hereunder to be made in lawful money of the United States of America.

     This Note may be prepaid without penalty.

     In the  case of  default,  the  Payor agrees to pay  the reasonable cost of
     collection, including reasonable attorney's fees.

     Every  maker,  guarantor and  endorser waives presentment, demand, protest,
     and notice.

     Witness                                            Payor

     /s/ Robert D. Britt                                /s/ Robert P. Stiller
     -------------------                                ---------------------
     Robert D. Britt                                    Robert P. Stiller