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Agreement of Contract - Thermal Ablation Technologies Corp., Michael Jackson and Charlo Barbosa

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Agreement of Contract

Entered into this 16/th/ day of July, 1999


Thermal Ablation Technologies Corp ("Thermal")


Michael Jackson and Charlo Barbosa ("Management")


 .    Thermal has changed its business focus to become an Internet marketing and
     entertainment public company which requires management to achieve its

 .    Michael and Charlo have the expertise to manage the affairs of the company
     and develop Thermals business plan

Now therefore, for valuable consideration given and received and for their
mutual covenants, the parties agree as follows

1.   Thermal has agreed to employ Management to operate the company on a day to
     day basis which will include the management of the Public company, its
     filings and accounting and its public relations. It will include creating
     an opt-in advertising program, establishing retail affiliations for e-
     commerce retail sales and setting up an Internet Portal for, as
     well as the acquisition of sub-licensing agreements to enable Thermal to
     act as re-sellers of gaming software.

2.   Management has agreed to accept the appointment and will undertake the
     responsibilities set out in para 1 above.

3.   The term of the contract shall be for 12 months and shall automatically be
     renewed annually unless cancelled at the end of any term

4.   Management shall be entitled to remuneration based on 5% of the gross
     revenue earned by Thermal or $5,000 p.m whichever is the greater. Payment
     shall be made monthly in arrears.

5.   Thermal shall be responsible for all expenses incurred by management
     including, office, staff, telephones, fax, internet access, travel,
     entertainment, advertising and third party

     expenses including legal, accounting, investor relations, printing and,
     notwithstanding the foregoing, all other expenses associated with the
     management and operation of Thermal from a corporate and a business

6.   Management shall be issued 100,000 options each at $1.00 per share and may
     at their discretion request the Board top authorize the issue of options as
     to employees or contractors under the NASD rules.

7.   Thermal is aware that Mr Barbosa is President and a control shareholder of
     Virtualynx Internet Inc ("Virtualynx") which is a web-hosting company and
     will continue to operate virtualynx but will spend that amount of time as
     is required to manage Thermal as President. Mr Barbosa has interests in
     other business operations which he will continue. Parties acknowledge that
     there is no conflict of interest as Virtualynx is synergistic to Thermal's

8.   Thermal is aware that Mr Jackson is Present of UniNet Capital Corporation
     and Hillcon Developments Ltd an Investment Banking and Real Estate
     Development company respectively, and will continue to operate those two
     companies but will spend that amount of time as is required to manage
     Thermal as Secretary. Parties acknowledge that there is no conflict of

9.   Thermal is aware that management will receive 250,000 restricted shares
     from UniNet Technologies Inc. for `finding' and structuring the purchase of
     the url/domain

     /s/ Charlo Barbosa                       /s/ Charlo Barbosa
     ----------------------------------       ---------------------------------
     Thermal Ablation Technologies Corp       Charlo Barbosa

     /s/ Michael Jackson                      /s/ Michael Jackson
     ----------------------------------       ---------------------------------
     Thermal Ablation Technologies Corp       Michael Jackson